Cuba tropical island paradiseCUBA, Is it the only place where you can go down to the beach, feed the fish, read a book, lay in the Sun and get some peace and quiet? No Crime, no one bothers you selling stuff and no Spring break Kids.

Except in the mountains, the climate of Cuba is semitropical or temperate. The average minimum temperature is 21°c (70°f), the average maximum 27°c (81°f). The mean temperature at Havana is about 25°c (77°f). The trade winds and sea breezes make coastal areas more habitable than temperature alone would indicate. Cuba has a rainy season from May to October. The mountain areas have an average precipitation of more than 180 cm (70 in); most of the lowland area has from 90 to 140 cm (35–55 in) annually; and the area around Guantánamo Bay has less than 65 cm (26 in). Droughts are common. Cuba’s eastern coast is often hit by hurricanes from August to October, resulting in great economic loss.

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