10 Beautiful Philippine Islands

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Boracay Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

The Philippines are a beautiful island nation with something for everyone. No matter what your budget is there is something here for you. Whether it be the ocean view from your bungalow on Siargao island with a full complement of surfing activities and fun, or the night life of Mactan island along with the numerous historical sites there is no reason you shouldn’t come and experience one of the top ten islands the world has to offer.

If you enjoy surfing then go to Siargao island or even Pearl Farm resort. These are two islands world renowned for their surfing potential. Siargao, or the the surfing capital of Asia as some call it, is one of the most visited islands in the world for surfers. Pearl Farm resort is another good choice for surfers as it has crystal clear waters and good swell during the surfing season. Either way there is something for every surfer on these two beautiful islands.

If you enjoy a little of the wild side why not go to El Nido or Dakak. El Nido is often considered the Philippines final frontier, the only place left to be fully explored in the island chain. Dakak has also got something for the adventurous being home to a private beach resort there is always a little exploring to be done. However Dakak and El Nido have a taste of civilization for when you get tired of living the adventurer’s life, with world famous restaurants and resorts primed for relaxation after a long day.

What could be better than a barbecue on the beach? (especially when it is snowing back home in Canada)

Honda Bay and Camiguin are both world famous for their beautiful beaches. Honda Bay is actually an archipelago with traveling between them easily facilitated for those who want to experience a little of everything. Camiguin has been called the Garden of Eden before known for its lush fauna and paradise like atmosphere, with a full complement of 5 star resorts and friendly service providers. If you enjoy paradise and vibrant wildlife then try these islands, as both of these islands will leave you with the desire to return every vacation season.

Panglao Island is a small tear shaped island located just a ways away from the mainland in case you wanted to travel to some of the nearby cities during your stay. This small island is known for its resorts and whole host of tourist activities to do, all at an affordable price. This island is most well known for its wide variety of dive sites, being one of the premier locations for both seasoned and new divers the world over.

Sailing in Boracay, just one of the many activities to do here.

Boracay Island has often been rated as the number one island of all the Philippines. Known for some of the best nightlife and parties in the world, the white beaches and cool waters attract some of the largest numbers of visitors of all the islands. The nights are spent partying with great music, and great drinks mixed by some of the world’s best bartenders. If you like nightlife then this is the island of choice for you.

Mactan Island is known for having the largest city of all the islands. Known as the queen city island by natives this is definitely another choice for the night owls of the world. With a host of both beautiful beaches and historical activities, all offered at some of the lowest prices the various islands have to offer as well, that are both fun and eye opening there is a little something for everyone on the queen city island.

Pagudpud is another great choice if none of the other islands seem to be quite your cup of tea. With a little mix of everything from the city life to wilderness, from adventure to pampering, this is the most varied island of the Philippines. Most well known though for its long secluded beaches, definitely a must for those who like long romantic walks down the beach with stars in the sky. This is an island for everyone.

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